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Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Love To Be Noticed is Sara Hagerty’s second book. Her first project, Everything Bitter is Sweet has been at the top of the list of books I suggest to friends since I sat down and read it from cover to cover in one day. It is the book that opened me up to the value of true Adoration.

Unseen is less of a memoir than her first book and more about her spiritual journey learning to pursue God in all seasons of life.

“God told me what I already knew, but what I needed to hear again: the story of God and me is my most significant story.” Sara writes as she explains one of the things she heard when she quieted herself before God.

Sara spends the totality of this book highlighting the story of Mary of Bethany in Mark 14 as well as her own life experiences. The idea of being Unseen begins with the understanding that it is a season of life where God hides us for a time. “God sometimes hides us in hardship or suffering.” “Other times, God hides us in plain sight, right in the midst of life that keeps going full tilt so we learn how to find Him while pursuing a career or leading a ministry or running a household.”

Being Unseen is not always a physical state of life, but it is an important aspect of our walk with Jesus. Being Unseen is an aspect of how God pursues us, and in return gives us an opportunity to pursue him.

Unlike her first book, Sara hasn’t written Unseen to be digested quickly. Even for the launch team coming up on a launch date, there has been an understanding that parts will need to be digested slowly. That this is a book which may need to be put down for a bit.

Throughout the chapters, Sara reminds us that our relationship with God is ongoing. Part of that relationship includes listening. Asking questions and pausing to hear a response. This is a developed skill which comes from a place of surrender. Just as with her first book, I saw parallels in my personal journey as Sara explained her own. I also understood my past responses to situations a bit better. The best part for me in reading Unseen was that I was reminded of the way God pursues me with the desire to draw out the best parts of who he created me to be.

“We’ll mature without effort into wrinkles and gray hair, but our hearts won’t mature deep into God by default. We have to desire more and more of God.” Sara Hagerty

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I was lucky enough to be a part of Sara’s launch team for this book, although writing a blog post was not a requirement I believe in the message of this book and want to encourage you to consider it for yourself.  You can pre-order a copy for yourself before August 29th and receive these awesome bonus gifts.



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