Lessons from the Sidelines

Inspiring women to pursue their calling and thrive in their purpose.

Author Beth Walker writes about pursuing your calling, coaching as a family ministry, and thriving in your personal calling

Beth Walker is an author, speaker, football coach’s wife, and mom of two amazing teenage sons. She strives to encourage those around her to pursue their best lives in Jesus whether she is near the game field, in church, or at the local coffee shop. As a writer, Beth is most passionate about inspiring women to pursue their calling and thrive in their life purpose. Beth’s first book, Lessons from the Sidelines: Thoughts from on and off the football field on faith, family, and living well, was released in August 2020 and includes a seven-step action for discovering and learning how to thrive in the sweet spot of your calling. This was followed by Embracing Holy Interruptions, a 6-week study on mentoring in 2021.

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