Living Well, Spending Less by Ruth Soukup

I have been intrigued by this title since I began seeing advertisements on Facebook last year.  I’m happy to say, this book fits the title, and will not disappoint!  Divided into 2 sections, Living Well and Spending Less, author Ruth Soukup takes the reader through her personal life journey in discovering satisfaction in life and then presents lessons learned along the way.

I really appreciated Soukup’s honesty.  Although a blogger I was unaware of since 2010, Soukup has allowed her spending habits and life stressors to read a whole new audience by putting it in book form. Soukup is a Christian, and she unashamedly shares how she re-directed her thoughts away from desires to buy material possessions and instead learned to find contentment in her life through focusing on Jesus.  Each chapter finishes with a challenge.  Depending on where you personally are in your own life, some challenges will be simple, while others will take time.  Soukup takes the reader through the basics.  Figure out your personal priorities creates a budget, etc.

The second section, “Spending Less”, is a treasure of information.  Couponing, cleaning, even socializing on a budget are all areas covered.  All presented again with the same basic and honest tone that seems like a friend is chatting with you over coffee.

I think this would be a great book for a soon to be a college graduate or newly engaged person.  Learning from Soukup’s experiences could help anyone set themselves up for success in life.

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