A Purposeful Life

Beth Moore’s study on Esther took an interesting turn for me this week. We’ve been sitting in chapter 4 of Esther which is the chapter where Mordecai has a “call to action” for Esther.

The further I walk down this path of life that God has called me to, the more certain I am daily that this is ALL His idea. I think it was pretty clear to Mordecai that God has placed Esther where she was for a specific event. Being male, he was probably able to think through the situation a lot more factually than Esther as well. šŸ™‚ When we read the conversation Hathach carries between Mordecai and Esther is becomes clear that she is being called on to do something she really doesn’t want to do. Esther is asked to put her life on the line and save the Jewish people.
Now, I know we are not all in a position (thankfully) where we are putting our lives at risk. BUT, we will ALL be called to do something that seems life-altering, impossible and really really not fun at some point. In those times we still have the choice in how we respond:
“We can refuse to walk in obedience to God or cower in fear from our calling and He will undoubtedly still accomplish His agenda. As for us, however, we will pass up the fulfillment of our own entire life-purpose and we-and perhaps even “our father’s family”-will miss a mighty work. ” Beth Moore
“Beloved, in the times of greatest struggle when you make the God-ward decision over convenience, earthly comfort, or carnal pleasure you too have come to a critical moment in the fulfillment of your destiny. A defining moment. A war is being waged over your head in the unseen realm, and a great cloud of witnesses is cheering you on. You have no idea what’s at stake.” Beth Moore
We are not called to a life of comfort and ease as Christians. I think that most people read this verse in the context of so just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I’m going to be rich. But have we ever stopped to consider that this could also mean that a life of choosing obedience, choosing God’s way may be more about being a life a purpose and less about being the life we think we need?

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