Scary Close by Donald Miller

Donald Miller has finally published another book!  It’s been 5 years since Miller allowed his readers into the process of his growth, but after reading Scary Close I can say that it was completely worth the wait.
I’ve read several Miller books, and of all of them, I connected with A Million Miles in A Thousand Years most.  If you are like me, then this book will be a new favorite for you.  Miller writes with the same style familiar to his fans, and yet as the reader is brought in on the next part of Miller’s life journey I can’t help but see this book as a love letter to his wife, Betsy.

Miller explains what he learned through his time of healing after breaking off his engagement, looking inward and beginning to do the hard work to be his best self in the context of a relationship. Miller lets the reader on the journey of beginning to date Betsy, engagement and marriage and all that has been going on with his company in the last few years.  As he presents these events, Miller explains all he has learned about living more intentionally, choosing love, and surrounding himself with people who encourage him to do the work to be the best version of himself.

Miller takes a good amount of time to help the reader gain perspective on how people manipulate each other, and signs to look for to know when to walk away.  Overall, Miller continues to remind his readers that life is a journey, we are always learning and growing, and as our view of ourselves changes, so does our view of all around us we engage in.

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