Often I get the comment, well now that it’s spring you must have a lot more time with your coach.  Often this makes me chuckle, as anyone who has read my info about recruiting can understand. I find this to be the time when we are asked to participate in activities, volunteer or simply be present at  One thing I have been reflecting on a lot recently is the spring semester on a college campus. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that Christmas break is so long, the weather, the fact that spring classes are more intense or a combo, but I feel like it is often mid-Feb before things start clicking for the spring.  This is incredibly unfortunate as the semester ends the end of April.  It seems before we know it spring ball practices are upon us followed by graduation, and the semester is over.  On campus, students appear to struggle to create a new routine with classes, homework, and practice.  At the same time, everyone surrounding us seems to feel they are busier than they have been in months.  Perhaps this is brought on by the real opportunity to relax that Christmas break brings, or perhaps we just overcommit each spring only to learn from our mistakes by summer and then forget them again by fall.  Regardless, please always remember, a coach RARELY has a down time, and spring certainly is not one of them!

How does this affect things on the home front?  Well, for us, it seems to take just as long to get into a “post holiday” routine.  This year snow days have certainly added to this lack of routine, but the reality is, we all thrive on a schedule (regardless of how relaxed or intense it is).  When coach has a random day off or meeting canceled we simultaneously rejoice and panic.  I find this to be truer now that my kiddos are of school age where they have homework and after school activities of their own.  They hunger for special time with Daddy, but now find the need to balance demands placed on them from outside entities.  When a random meeting pops up, we have a harder time adjusting than in the fall where casual meetings are expected.  Overall, we weather the spring semester well, knowing that summer is just around the corner and afternoon mountain hikes, sweet frog runs and bbq season are quickly upon us.  So I beg of you, if you know a coach, please understand, they’re polite “no thank you’s” to your organization fundraiser, small group, or special event has less to do with the favor you ask and more to do with the spring semester craziness.  Have no fear, summer us approaching and for a few weeks the pressures will subside….just in time for pre-season camp to begin!

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