I was asked the question, what do my daily devotions with Adoration look like?  So, here is a picture of it for you!  Top left to right: journal with adoration listed, Adoration Prayer Book by Bob Hartley, NASB Bible.  Bottom left to right: prayer journal, Jesus Calling Devotional by Sarah Young, printed page from Sarah Hagerty with the month of adorations listed (I’m working through 2014)

My schedule generally allows for the following routine between 6:45-10am:

6:45 Wake up, get the boys going to school, grab medicines for everyone, make sure bags are packed, etc.  I also take this time to prep for my day, getting the coffee ready to brew when I return, laying out clothes, cleaning up the kitchen, etc.

7:30 leave to drop the boys at school and then head to the YMCA for my own workout.

9:00 leave Y, either head home or run errands close to the Y.

Arrive home, set the coffee to brew, grab devos and sit down to read.

On days I need to head into work earlier, I don’t run errands. On days I have more flexibility, I run the errands.  On super busy days I split up the parts in sections to focus on throughout the day or do this as soon as arriving home.

Generally, I read Jesus Calling first.  I also have this in Kindle version, so sometimes I read it on the treadmill or on my phone.  Then, I look up the Adoration for the day on my print out and in my journal I write it out along with the corresponding verses.  I then look up the verse and write it out.  I re-read the whole thing and write a few sentences about what it means to me, or just make a note about something I’m pondering.  I have been surprised at how many times the adoration and Jesus Calling seem to focus on the same subject, even citing the same verses occasionally.  If I am wrestling with the day, or have a bit more time, I pull out the Adoration prayer book and either work through a few more or look up words corresponding for more verses to focus on.  I then spend some time writing in my prayer journal.    The whole process can take as few as 15 minutes and up to an hour depending on the day or how I choose to focus the time.

In addition to this daily devotional time, I also participate in IF: Equip, and on other occasions make set aside a few weeks for a more in-depth Bible Study.  This summer will include a video study of some sort, Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer most likely.  I also read A LOT.  Like 3-4 books a month most months.  I read on the treadmill or elliptical most days, I read in between clients, or when I’m waiting for an appt, I read when I get home or on the weekends.  I just read.

I would like to add, just for a more well-rounded presentation of this, for the previous 6 or 7 years to this year I was rarely without a DVD study in hand or journaling through a book of the Bible inductively.  This has been a HUGE change for me, and I have often wondered if committing a whole year to solely this focus was wise.  There are certainly days when this doesn’t feel like “enough.”  What I’m learning though is that when I’m feeling like I need to be spending more time with God, He does not actually need me to put more study into things.  Often time, He’s calling me to pause and focus on being still, listening.  This year is about learning who God is, and part of that is learning to discern His voice.

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