I read the original version of Anything shortly after it was published.  Like many others, I found the book to be a call to action.  Jennie had prayed her Anything prayer and God had moved greatly.  Reading her story it felt impossible to continue to ignore the ache in my heart for God to move in my life.  Like many others, I also finished Anything and felt a little bit of panic.  What now?

The updated version of Anything is the answer many people have requested over the years.  Jennie’s challenge to consider praying Anything is still present, but the back of this book now includes a bit of an update on what life has looked like since the publication of Anything.  If you have done either Stuck or Chase by Jennie Allen then you will find the enclosed bible study (also in the back of the book) to be a very familiar format.  The questions asked may be few in number, but they are deep and will need a good amount of reflection time.  Of course, Jennie has included conversation cards which are a great way to springboard discussion with a small group.

If you have read Anything previously, you will love this new version.  It is everything the last book left you hanging with.  If you haven’t read Anything, I would highly encourage you to consider this Bible study for a small group.  Anything remains one of my most highly recommended books

As an added bonus, beginning June 15th you can join women all around the country in going through the 8-week study included in this book together.  REGISTER HERE.  This will be a free way to view the videos included with the new Anything Bible Study.

In exchange for an honest review, I was given a free copy of this book via BookLookBloggers.  The opinion presented is my own.  Additionally, I will not receive any compensation for your participate in the Bible Study.

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