Having recently read Daring Greatly I was excited to see Brene Brown’s newest publication come across my net galley feed.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about reading this book.  Daring Greatly had hit me right where I was, I read the whole book (and watched the Ted Talk) nodding my head.

Brown states in the intro to Rising Strong that in the years since Daring Greatly she has received many letters asking “what now?”  I understood where this was coming from and Brown acknowledges it herself, Daring Greatly is hard and involves failure. To summarize, Rising Strong is about learning the process of rising from falls, overcoming mistakes and moving towards wisdom which will bring wholehearted living.

I felt that Rising Strong was structured very similarly to Daring Greatly.  The first few chapters unpack the Rising Strong principles, and then the last several give structure and boundaries to what Rising Strong might look like in our own lives.  Brown is very transparent in her analogies and gives a lot of insight into not only different scenarios that Rising Strong principles can be practiced in but even gives a script to how conversations might begin.

I found this book to be not only inspiring but very encouraging.  Brown writes about Rising Strong as a challenge that will make people live wholehearted.  It is not far to see the connections in that if multiple people are striving to Rise Strongly, whole communities could begin to be grounded in healthy communication, mutual respect, and honesty.  If you are attempting to find a more authentic way to live, this book should be added to your list!

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