I recently discovered the “save this link” feature on Facebook.  I’m not sure how long it has been there, but when I switched to my new phone, I found myself browsing Facebook a bit more due to notifications popping up.  🙂

There are a LOT of amazing authors out there, and nowadays everyone has a Facebook page.  As I discover new authors, my list of articles I want to read each week grows and grows.  Did I mention that on the Strengths Finder “Learner” is at the top of my list?

It’s Wednesday, and I have 15 links saved so far to read.  I’ve gotten into the routine of taking time on the weekend to read the saved links and I thought it might be fun to share what my favorites are here!  So, here goes something!

Recently I discovered I fit into a category of people called “Highly Sensitive.”  Because of that, I saved the article 13 Things Anyone Who Loves A Highly Sensitive Person Should Know peeked my interest.  Making my life better with one simple thing?  Had to read about that HERE from Time Magazine.  I’m prepping for my student’s ministry team returning in August.  10 Killer Leadership Skills from Be Leaderly was a great resource.  Finally, I’m feeling motivated to get the house in order before the football season.  This house de-cluttering calendar from BrightNest is keeping me on track!

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