I have an extra copy of Joanna Weaver’s newest book Lazarus Awakening, and I’m itching to give it away!  Check out details below my review.

The trilogy is complete!  Joanna Weaver has written her 3rd book focusing on Martha, Mary and Lazarus from the New Testament of the Bible.  Similarly to the other 2 books in this series Awakening Lazarus not only includes the book portion but has several deep study options.  In the back of the paperback version of this book is a bonus chapter which Weaver states was added after the hardback book was released.  If you have the hardback, you might want to look at the paperback version.  There is also a section that includes discussion questions for personal or group reflection.  For even deeper study Weaver has added 7 sessions of DVD study and a study guide.  The videos are all between 17-20 minutes in length.  The study guide has guided reading, questions for personal reflection and group discussion and an outline to fill out while viewing the video.  The questions in the study guide repeat many that are in the back of the book, but there are additional ones.  The study guide also has activity sections like “Make a Plan” designed to help the reader dig deeper and search heart and thoughts more.

Similarly to the previous 2 books, Weaver takes a small section of scripture and relays what God might be telling us through the story of the present day. She does this through sharing what God is teaching her, and life examples from others as well.   There is also a lot of historical information and many many other verses and sections of Scripture to explore which help tie each point together. If you have enjoyed Having a Mary Heart in A Martha World or Having a Mary Spirit, you will find the writing familiar, challenging and enjoyable in Awakening Lazarus as well.  If you haven’t read any books by Joanna Weaver, you can certainly start with this book, but you might find reading them in the order of publication easier as there are a few references back to the other books.

I found this book to be an easy read, but at the same time, there is a lot to think about. I did find a few of the chapters felt a little drawn out to me, but as with any study, you will get what you put into this.  If you spend time in the study guide and videos, you will get more out of each section then if you simply read the chapter and do not reflect.

I mentioned earlier there is an 11th “bonus chapter.”  I found this chapter to truly wrap up this study well.  Entitled “What’s Holding You Back” the questions and examples given are designed to do just that.  Help each reader discover what personally is holding them back from having a deeply intimate relationship with God.  Throughout the whole book Weaver points the reader back to the ultimate purpose for learning about ourselves at all; to pursue a relationship with God and live our fullest lives.

I think this book would be perfect for any women’s group, it does not include a lot of homework and only a few chapters of reading each week.  I also think it would be ideal for college or recently college graduates.  After all those years of school, a structure can be hard to find in life, Awakening Lazarus will encourage students to think deeply and explore their hearts and thoughts while also creating the discipline of devotional focus every day.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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