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This week actually had a lot of heart-tugging posts sticking with me.  Natalie shared over at The Better Mom about learning to accept the story in life God gave her.  My friend Kelley Smith over at Mrs. Disciple wrote one of the bravest posts I’ve ever read.  The Battle for Your Heart is a letter written by her to her younger self.  Relevant Magazine (as usual) gave me exactly what I needed to focus on with their article entitled 6 Strategies for Purposeful Rest.    Finally, Huffington Post had an article entitled “She Put On A Lot Of Weight” that gave voice to so many women in my circle this article was shared on my Facebook page alone over 10 times in less than a day.

The longer I spend time reading through articles when I have time instead of when they pop up on my news feed the better I like it.  I find myself digesting all the words more fully and even better, my ability to recall what I’ve read has increased immensely!  What are you reading these days?  Click the Mister Linky Link to add your personal post!

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