Wandering the aisles of the library, I stumbled across this book, and the title grabbed me.  At almost 500 pages I was feeling pretty good about the title, and in truth, this is a quick, informative guide to life.  I really appreciated how Melissa Kirsch broke out the chapters.  Covering everything from home purchasing, renting, health, fashion, and money plus much, much more this book lives up to its title.

As I read, I kept thinking, this would be an excellent graduation gift for single women leaving college.  The chapters address finding a good doctor, balancing a checkbook, questions to ask a roommate and stocking a kitchen.  There is an explanation of mutual funds, 401K, getting along with co-workers, and tons and tons of money saving tips.

Kirsch writes very bluntly and honestly.  I love that.  Why beat around the bush concerning vital topics to life?  Kirsch has definitely written this book for the secular population.  Each chapter includes information from multiple experts, all of them different from each other.  I appreciate that the book is not meant to steer women down a specific path, but to give them information so they can make informed decisions in life.  That being said, I found the chapters on spiritual life and sex to be way to liberal.  Covering things from being open minded to the drunken hookup, I would not give this book to any of the girls I mentor.  If I could eliminate those chapters, I would buy it in bulk!

This is my honest review, I was not compensated in any way for it.

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