I’ve really enjoyed reading the links from all of you who are participating!  There is so much helpful content on the www if you just know where to look.

I’ve stumbled across a few new bloggers, and have found a few posts from some of my favorite ladies encouraging this week.  First, The Birth Story of John Wolf was not only beautifully written, but truly was a reminder of how much God cares about the details of our lives.

Have you ever heard Sheila Walsh’s story?  This video is worth your time.  At just over 8 minutes, grab a cup of coffee and take a watch.  Sneak peek  “How can you spend your whole life trying to get things right just to discover everything is terribly wrong?”

Nicole Unice, one of my favorite authors, had a post that has me still thinking the other week.  When You Forget to Praise is an encouragement and reminder that God is in the details.

Donald Miller always shoots straight.  What Jesus Taught Me About Walking Away From People is the permission we all need to surround ourselves with solid relationships.

Jennifer Smith over at Unveiled Wife wrote a beautiful post entitled It’s Ok To Overwhelmed and after reading it I had to agree.

And on a fun note: Are you a Harry Potter Fan?  This video clip series of Snape’s life helped clarify a few things for me! 🙂

What caught your eye this week?

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