This week marks the “end” of summer for our family.  The football staff is back in the office, and for my boys, that means they spend time hanging out in dad’s office or in mine.  Now, granted, his office includes a weight room and mine is a swimming pool right now, but I still feel guilty.

Over the last 10 years of being a mom I’ve spent many a day feeling guilty, it’s part of the baggage most 21st century mothers carry, but for me, it is tied to the fact that for the first 9 years of motherhood every day I had to make a choice between resting and cleaning, resting and playing with the boys, relaxing and cooking, etc.   The early years were easy, I just napped when the kids napped.  When they went to school, and I entered back into working outside the home a few days a week things got a bit trickier.  This isn’t to say that we never had fun, we did…I have the pictures to prove it.  At the same time, every choice felt like a compromise.

Since finding my new endocrinologist and switching to Armour Thyroid, I have found my days of compromise becoming less and less necessary.  As long as I take my medicine, eat a healthy diet and exercise I seem to function just like everyone else.

This summer after a 2-year break I took a job back in aquatics.  Swimming can be draining, and I’ve found this summer to be a challenging one.  It’s a good job, working for good people, and right now it’s also necessary, so we’ve made adjustments at the house including the boys learning how to load the dishwasher, Coach taking care of dinner most nights and many more cleaning chores around the house.  Still, adding on this extra job has been a huge reality check.

After the first session of swimming (2 weeks long), I ended up in bed all weekend with strep throat.  There was a gap week in the calendar, and during that week I spent time creating freezer meals for the month of July and getting as much done around the house as I could.  Thankfully, this allowed for a healthier second session.  I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to wrapping up swim lessons for the summer regardless of how thankful I am for the job.

I’m also thankful for this summer because it has reminded me that I have limits, and boundaries need to be firmly stuck to.  Living with hypothyroidism means I have to make choices and prioritize tasks but it doesn’t mean I have to stop living.

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