Tons of heath and fitness links this week.  I am definitely back in “work” mode with swim lessons wrapping up and Health Coaching amping up on campus my attention was grabbed by the great variety of health and wellness information flooding social media right now.

Angie Albers wrote a great article about how important planning ahead is when trying to keep the family eating healthy.  Planning Ahead: The Key to Success is also loaded with practical tips!  So thankful I’ve discovered this fellow #SpouseInSports who I can resource!

I’m looking forward to trying out this “Killer Arm Workout.”  Variety in exercise is so important!

2 weeks to a flat belly might not be possible for everyone, but Prevention Mag workouts tend to be my favorite!

In case you thought you might take an exercise break in August, this article entitled “What two weeks of being lazy does to your body” might be helpful.

My husband had his staff take these personality tests and asked me to take one too.  I found the results to be accurate and the explanations interesting.  “Professor David Keirsey divided all of humanity into four key temperamental groups. His personality groups represent key human archetypes found throughout history, and his test is the most widely used assessment test in the world. Are you ready to find out which type you are?

Finally, with school starting again, I know many of us mother’s worry about our kiddos when they away from us. Jennifer Rothschild wrote a beautiful reminder to mothers in “The One Thing Every Mom Needs To Know”  “Mom’s you need to know, your child’s not perfect and neither is your parenting…”

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