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I have to admit, I’m finding more and more amazing content out on the web.  The broader my circle of readers becomes the more I gain from the life lessons and thoughts of others.  I continue to marvel at how many women God is raising up to speak to this generation.  Thank you amazing women for your vulnerability and willingness to obey God’s call on your life!

Chrystal Hurst put together is awesome post 20 Ways to Read Through The Bible. With campus buzzing again I’ve had my eyes attuned to ways to encourage the women who attend Pursuit.

The Cheerio Trail wrote a beautiful post entitled The Perfectly UNperfect post.  Here is a highlight “Early that morning I prayed, ‘Lord, I need encouragement today. Would you please send someone?’ Cricket. Cricket.  So around noon I asked again.  ‘Jesus, I’m really struggling. I don’t know why, but it’s getting hard to hold back these tears. I could really use some affirmation.’ Silence.  Sometimes all you can do is practice not quitting.”

Kristin Hill Taylor wrote a beautiful piece about growth and transformation.  The Purple Backpack was so encouraging and such a grace filled reminder for me.  “I’m not the same person I was then. Sure, some things are the same, but my perspective and convictions have changed. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, life is a process. Transformation comes in seasons.

Sara Hagerty continues to put words to my personal past experiences.  I so wish I had her around in person to reflect with.  Her book Everything Bitter Is Sweet  still tops my all time most impactful books list.  Her latest reflection The Gift Of Mistreatment is just a beautiful and encouraging as her others.  “It was either one or the other, back then: receive another’s indictment as full-truth or staunchly defend my person.  I didn’t know then that a heart didn’t have to be badgered, knocked around, and permanently wounded at the hands of another’s assessments, but that the strife which mis-judgment and mistreatment brought to one’s insides could be the fastest way to grow a human heart up in God.

Relevant Magazine has an article with Jennie Allen about the re-release of Anything.  Surrender is a topic that seems to be endlessly explored, re-learned and focused on.  I wrote My Anything Story last week.

The post I keep coming back to and re-reading is Sarah Mae’s post via Ann VosKamp.  When You’re Looking For The Answers to the Cry of the Woman’s Aching Heart has me finding the courage to dream big once again, praying “Lord, how do You see me?”  Sarah Mae writes:

“What are dreams and what does it really mean to follow them, and is that even a biblical concept?

And as a woman particularly, what does it all mean?

What am I here for? Is it just to be a wife and a mom, which is good and beautiful for sure, but what is this stuff in my soul that won’t go away?

Am I selfish for considering my longings? Aren’t Christ followers supposed to die to themselves?Can I live a cross-centered life and still “follow my dreams”?

And the deepest question of all for me was this: Lord, how do you see me?”

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