This summer I added another job to my resume.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about adding it, but in the end has been a great fit for me.  That being said, I definitely hit my limit with this new addition and it became clear very quickly our family routines were going to need to be adjusted.

My hours had my gone over the dinner hour and that left Ordell to get things ready.  He’s a great griller, but with the busyness of his career the cooking has been my area for the entirety of our marriage and so things like variety and side dishes really aren’t his thing.

I’ve traveled some for work over this last year and so I fell back on the system that seemed to work best.  That is, over the weekend I figure out a quick menu with ingredients already in the house.  I prepare as much as possible and write out a menu.  Things reserved for later in the week are added to the freezer, and if I’ve got extra time I make up a few additional meals for weeks in the future.

I began to feel that all of our meals were similar in taste after a few weeks, so I headed to the library and found this beauty.  I CANNOT tell you how awesome this book is!

Each area (breakfast, soup, dinner etc) includes the original recipe, break outs if you want to make multiple batches, and how to prepare the meal the first time, and then when reheating.  Recipes include a variety of ingredients, but over all are reasonably priced.  A lot of times I will find that cookbooks have a few recipes we like and the rest goes out the window.  This book has tons of recipes I’ve added to my list of favorites including breakfast sausage and apples, sausage bread, chicken nachos and many more.

One other thing I really appreciated in this book was that recipes included how to store foods properly in the freezer.  I found the tips very helpful.  All the food I’ve stored has come out great and tasted wonderful!

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