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Heavy posts this week.  I’m think in women’s ministry team leadership training prep and I think these links reflect that!

Why It’s Important to Tell Even Your Darkest Story Fascinating: ” I searched through scientific research myself. And I found something fascinating: our brains hold onto the past as if it’s happening right now. When someone asks you about your most perfect day, your brain goes into a state that reflects that day–it shows up in a brain scan. The parts of your brain that activate when you’re happy also activate when you recall that day.”

Why You Need A Personal Code Today’s college students seem to act and then think.  Donald Miller reminds us that we should all have a list of values to live by and gives simple steps to create a personal code.

How A “Step of Faith” Might Look Different  Comparison, Planning, Expectation and Perfection all things that keep us from realizing how we define faith.  “We think we have to take the step with confidence, because God might be disappointed in us if we have doubt in our step.”

My friend Brianna George has written a thought provoking post about ministry and burning out. Overflow is important for any ministry leader to read in my view!

What are you reading these days?

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