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I’m guest posting today over at Calm My Anxious Heart!  

The Scientific Case For Forgiveness  “Specific techniques vary across practitioners, but the basic model is the same. Scientists shows us that our brains can’t forgive people who’ve hurt us until we grieve the pain we’ve experienced, work to understand the perspective of our abuser, decide to forgive them and then work toward some level of acceptance or compassion toward the one who wounded us.”  One of the things I love most about science is that is continues to prove scripture to be true!

What a Christian should look like  “But what did we think was going to happen if we decided to put up our walls and try to protect ourselves from what was going on “out there” instead of engaging it? If all we did was point out the burning house and shake our heads instead of caring about those inside? It’s as if we were saying: You poor person. You should come outside. Don’t you see how much better it is out here? I’d come in, but it’s too hot and I don’t want to get burned.

Are we supposed to be different? Absolutely. But what if being different wasn’t focused on a checklist of things we shouldn’t do, and more about what we should?”  Great words here that every Christian should read.

Gen-X Manifesto “We felt our angst as we grew and we rebelled, to be sure, but we adjusted. Therein lies our greatest strength: our ability to adjust to a world that never changed as rapidly for a generation before as it did for us. We saw the end of the Cold War and the explosion of AIDS. We saw a space shuttle blow up for the first time, but also we saw other technological wonders come of age alongside of us. As the first home computers, video games and the Internet grew, so did we.”  I spend a LOT of time studying the Millennial Generation, with Generation Z beginning I was thrilled to see this article about my own generation!

With September upon us summer reading lists seem like a thing of the past, but I have to share this list from Mayim Bialik.  She is on a WHOLE other level!  Summer Reading List for Mayiam   If you find this interesting, there are several other actors listed as well.  “As an actress, author and mother of two, finding time to read is difficult — but necessary! I tend to read on the beach, at home when the kids are asleep and on long flights in between talks and personal trips. I recently used some down time on the 15-hour flight to Israel and back to catch up on some of the books listed below.”

Time With God Shouldn’t Be A Chore  ” Here are a few ways, other than Scripture reading, we can get to know God in unexpected avenues.”  Such a good reminder devotions don’t just have to include reading!

What are you reading this week?

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