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I love this post entitled How I Learned Not to Be Overwhelmed.  It’s that time of the year when new schedules are trying to be figured out and there doesn’t seem to be enough time for anything to be done well.  This post has a great plan and things to consider in it.

The Anima Series continually is producing thoughtful videos.  This one entitled Not Qualified is worth each person watching!  Ever feel that you are a hypocrite?  Ever feel that someone else is?  Listen in and see if your perspective changes.

Jennie Allen continues to be a favorite author.  Her book Restless is just as good as Anything.  This excerpt Let Us Not Shrink Back from God’s Plan is encouraging and motivating.  If you are at all thinking you need a break from the path you are on let these words remind you of who God has called you to be.

I would be shocked if Relevant Magazine’s article How to Answer Your Christian Critical Friends doesn’t give you the encouragement you need to continue to have hard conversations.

I found this article 10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life interesting.  I have to admit, I don’t feel like these 10 things would all work for me, but it did get me thinking about what MY extraordinary life would look like!

What are your reading these days?

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