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My social Media time has drastically dropped over the last week.  Health Screening season and the football season are in full swing.

Seven Tips for College Students John Piper was asked “What advice do you give to college students?”  Is great advice for anyone, yet great reminders for college students.

Great news about Christian Millennials from Relevant Magazine: Do Millennial Christians Have the Strongest Faith of Any Generation Kinnaman, who is the president of the faith-based research organization, Barna Group, says we’re seeing in this generation a “counter trend,” where the trend toward “noneness” is “counterbalanced by a different trend of younger Christians being as or more committed to the Bible, Christian practice and even theology,” as the Christians before them. From a merely statistical perspective, “the light of millennial Christians is shining actually brighter than that of Boomer or Gen X Christians,” Kinnaman says.  I think this is important information for those of us who work with this generation.

Jennifer Rothschild’s newest post Three Boundaries That Will Set You Free was insightful and honest.  Boundaries are usually connected with a need to say no, but I think these will shift your view.

Exciting news for those of you who love deep content on your blogs!  The Glorious Table launches October 1st!!!  This amazing group of assembled writers is being guided by amazing editors/writers with one purpose…to present all that God has laid on our hearts.  Sign up for posts to be sent to your inbox and make sure you don’t miss any!

What are you saving these days?

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