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I love this post 21 Misconceptions Extroverts Want to Set Straight had me nodding along the whole time.  I’m often labeled an extrovert although I do love my quite time.  🙂

Preston and Hilary Yancey have just had their first baby.  Jackson was born last week and Hilary has written a beautiful reflection.  They weren’t sure Jackson would breathe here on earth, but he is.  God is good.

Injury Interrupted My Idolatry  “I’ve never struggled to believe in God. But I’ve lived a lot of my life as a person who believes in God, but lives as if he doesn’t exist. I already had a “gospel” of my own — the promise that love and wealth are the world’s to give to the popular and gifted. I didn’t need to trust God, because I already trusted another god: the NBA.”

You Need to Read What Justin Bieber Said about Christianity because He’s Right from I Am Second gave me a new perspective on this guy.  “I never thought I’d say this: Justin Bieber understands Christianity better than a lot of people I know. And there’s a lot about Justin Bieber’s Christianity that I want.”

Similarly to MomAdvice I’ve been cooking ahead for a few month.  I love the once a week prep!  I’ve found this method to not only free up my day but to also be a budget saver.  It’s much easier to meal plan when you prep it all in advance!

Recently our women’s ministry team of students spoke on self worth.  This article is beautifully written and hits on many of the same points.  When Your Looks Hinder Your Spiritual Life  is worth the read for sure!!

What are you saving these days?

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