Save This Link Round Up!

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Happy Monday, let’s start with a chuckle no?

15 Unintentionally Hilarious Christian Pick Up Lines from Relevant Magazine should crack a smile for sure. “you must be made out of water, because Jesus turned you into FINE”

The Most Overlooked Characteristic Of Someone You Want to Marry should be a must read for your dating friends! “Yet few people ever consider what is a vital question — can I suffer with this person? It sounds like the beginning of another marriage joke, but it’s not. It’s a real question and one which should be explored by every dating couple.”

Mrs. Disciple’s Link Up post “Fighting Fear with Truth” was a great reminder for me.

My friend Abbey LeRoy is a deep thinker and the wisdom she shares on her blog is the kind that inspires conversation and change.  Would You Rather…? is just that kind of post. “The aversion to living by faith wasn’t unique to the Israelites.  Sometimes it seems like we’d rather doanything than let go of the illusion of control and trust God to be who He is.  We sing words like “Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders” and then avoid any situation we can’t predict or manage.  Unfortunately, like the Israelites, we’re not always quick to see the irony.”

What links have you saved recently?

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