Book Review: On This Foundation


I’m not a fiction reader, but Lynn Austin is a favorite of my husband’s and I’ve had many a book of her’s suggested.  Nehemiah is a person I’ve studied a good amount, so reading a fictional version was intriguing to me.

Austin has an amazing way of telling a Bible story in a way that makes it personal to the reader while still keeping things historically consistent.  Nehemiah’s personality is something that could be overlooked in the pages of the Bible.  It could be interpreted a few ways, but I have to say I loved Austin’s version.  Her attention to details like having Nehemiah be flustered when speaking with a woman bring depth to this story in a way that can engage any reader.

As the story continued I found myself diving into my Bible to check the accuracy of the story.  Any story that encourages someone to open God’s word is one to read in my opinion.  Historical context can bring a story into context and that is something Austin does a great job of.   Additionally, Austin manages to give perspective on both life of men and women in Old Testament times.  Presenting insight on the emotions that must have gone through the families who lived while the wall was being build was balanced and easy to accept.

The writing is simplistic, I think even a junior high student would find the story easy enough to follow.  I did feel that it took a few too many chapters to wrap up the character’s stories.

In exchange for an honest review I was given a free ebook from Bethany House Publishers.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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