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One Person No Leader Can Afford to Exclude  “There’s far more at stake here than you might think. Based on my experiences in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, there are at least three reasons why leaders should consider including the spouses of their team members.”

My Longing “I learned some things in the mountains; some things about myself and I’d like to share one of them with you here in this not so private setting. It’s okay. I’m hoping that this small glimpse into my life will inspire you or motivate you to share your journey with someone else who may need the encouragement.”

Shultz Photo School: FREE website with tons of tips on how to take great photos of your family.  Finally a way to get all the use out of that awesome camera!!

One Lie That Will Shut You Down “I have spent a lot of time around some fantastically creative, gifted people lately who do not have big platforms. They are in their spot using their gifts in incredible ways and it is changing people’s worlds. HOWEVER, in their honest moments they sort of wonder if they are measuring up or if their work really matters since their platform isn’t skyrocketing. WE MUST STOP this silly game of numbers and eyeballs.”

What links have you saved recently?

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