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The Last Save This Link for 2015!

If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve got a new project started over at Lessons From The Wilderness.  Each Wednesday I’ll be writing about something God taught me in my wilderness a few years back.  I hope you will join me for Lessons In The Wilderness Study in 2016.

Looking to lose weight in 2016?  Weight Watchers has revamped things and as a wellness coach this is what I’ve been telling my clients for a few years now!! *I have no affiliation with WW

Love this article: The Surprising Ways Gentle Yoga Can Help You Lose Serious Weight  I’m pretty inflexible and this has me extra motivated to focus on yoga now.

Fed Up University President This Is Not A Daycare “It’s finally happened.  A college president, faced with whining students who are offended by….well…….everything, has written a letter to the entire student body.  (Some of which I presume will offend some students) He reminds them they are in college and that perhaps the reason they feel bad is a little thing known as a conscience.  Dr Everett Piper of Oklahoma Wesleyan University explained what their purpose and his is at the university.”

What links have you saved recently?

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