My “For The Love” friends have been talking about Wild In the Hollow for several months, so when I had a gap in my schedule it was the first thing I grabbed off the bookshelf!

Amber C. Haines’ memoir about her life from childhood through marriage and children is written in a beautiful, poetic style.  I have to admit I was floored by Amber’s honesty.  To admit that she used drugs, had an abortion and even an affair after marriage was incredibly brave.  What made her story even more amazing was that not one excuse was presented for her choices outside of the fact that she is human and humans sin.

As Haines’ life journey is presented, it was easy to see me in the pages.  Growing up in a conservative church that loved rules, and wrestling with the balance of rules and ministry myself I could see the struggle to love people to Jesus well while loving Jesus well for self.

Haines writes of her sons’ births, marriage in the early years and life on and off a church staff.  I saw myself in many of the pages.  On other’s Haines writing made me laugh, others had me in tears.

As Haines writes about her wilderness seasons and her seasons filled with joy, I found myself anxious to hear how life turned out.  I found hope on these pages and a reminder that God pursues us all differently for the same purpose.

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  1. Good question! I felt like in some ways it gave a fuller story since they each tell things from their perspective. I really appreciated hearing Titus’ story from Seth’s book he gives a health update at the end. Both books spoke of church in a way I appreciated. Both stories are worth reading.

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