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Amongst my college purchases as a freshman were a coloring book and a brand new box of crayons.  I was certain I would find the down time relaxing, but the reality was that the coloring book stayed blank and the crayons were used to color in anatomy study sheets for quizzes.

When adult coloring books came on the scene I was intrigued.  The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!  There is a wide range of coloring book options, but the ones that caught my eye were created with an additional purpose.

“Quieting our minds, spending time meditating on the words of the Lord, and entering into a time of quiet reflection and worship is hard. We want to spend time with our Lord, we want to be quiet and hear what He has to say, but distractions are literally everywhere.”  “Within these pages, we hope that you can enter into an immersive time of meditation, reflection, and worship.”

I absolutely fall into the category of wanting to spend quiet reflection time with God and falling short.  I absolutely fall into the category of wanting to be less distracted and to learn immersive worship.  I absolutely do NOT fall into the category of those jumping on the coloring book bandwagon. 🙁

Whether it comes down to not being disciplined enough or being too “type A” I have no idea.  What I do know is that I would absolutely love if someone else colored these pages. They are so lovely!  The word centering each page are encouraging and comforting.  There is even a Spotify playlist designed to help the meditation along.

So here’s what it comes down to.  If you have found adult coloring books to be inspiring then Whatever is Lovely should be on your wish list.  Over 40 pages of heavyweight paper each with an individual design.  There is variety, inspiration, and creativity on each page.

If you are like me and find coloring books more overwhelming than relaxing then buy this for someone else who will gift you beautiful pages!

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”



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