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6 Illustrations That Show What Goes On In A Introvert’s Head was really interesting!  Ordell is an introvert and he expresses to me often that he thinks differently.  This helps me to visualize it well. 🙂

We are studying the Fruit of the Spirit in Pursuit this semester.  Love this post Ode to Joy

The Gift of Falling Down from Sheila Walsh is awesome.

I love butterflies.  Their story of transformation is so beautiful!  These 19 pictures of caterpillars and butterflies is stunning.  

How Do So Many Good People Get Away with Doing Bad Things is a solid read.  I found Donald Miller’s words to validate a ton of my own thoughts.

Starting March 1 Holley Gerth is starting a study on her book You’re Already Amazing.  I love Holley’s encouraging and deep rooted words.  I’m excited to begin, my workbook is on it’s way!

Next Link Up is scheduled for April 25th!  Hope you will join us.

What links have you saved recently?

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