Should We Ask Our Athletes to Give Up Their Phones? Is really eye opening.  Phone addiction is a real thing, and I am certainly guilty of the same distraction. I think this reveals more about the extent of the issue surrounding social media.

17 things only Moms Living Far Away From Family Understand had me nodding along. We’ve never lived close to family although now living 10 hours away from one set of grandparents and two time zones from another I think this list is even truer now!

An open letter to college crybabies from a CEO is yet another reminder we have an understanding and comprehension gap with some students that still needs to be bridged.

The Value of reading (and sharing) your friend’s blog posts has a lot of the reasons I agree with and why I find “Save This Link” to be a routine I’m loving.

Strangers Wrote Their Biggest Regrets... this video is confirmation for me.  Let’s not regret things simply because we didn’t act on them!

Next, Link Up is scheduled for June 27th!  Hope you will join us.

What links have you saved recently?

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