This is the last week of summer for Ordell. Earlier this month as we counted the weekend trying to squeeze in all the commitments that needed to be wrapped up we both let out a sigh. Even with an extra week of our kids home from summer break the beach vacation we kicked off summer with felt months ago.

I should clarify that summer doesn’t mean that work ends. Recruiting, camps, paying bills, hiring staff, working on team talks, travel, equipment headaches all continue, just at a slower pace. With a slower pace at work, there becomes space to catch up on everything else.

  • Our boys look forward to their guys camping trip each summer.
  • Visits with family and friends. (which hopefully include them traveling to us for less stress)
  • Books piled in wait are finally ready to be read.
  • Cleaning and sorting the basement amongst other yearly chores
  • Rest

Summer is the time of year that there is space for long walks. Where after dinner, there is nothing to do but relax. Summer is the time of year when we can watch a late movie because even when going to bed at one in the morning, seven hours of sleep is possible. Summer is the time of year where spontaneity exists.

So, in the next week, we will trade in sunsets for sun rises, cook for crowds that are dominantly male and eat in the dining commons squeezing in “Dad time” between practices and meetings. We will strive to enjoy the ride and look forward to the few weeks next summer that will be just as full as this one was.

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