Week one of camp is complete. Players have reported, said good-bye to family, moved into the dorms. They have completed EKG’s, physical exams and in some cases random drug tests. Players have taken fitness tests, began lifting and conditioning. They have been fitted for equipment, handed out clothing, started to study playbooks and have begun the task of learning to be a team.

Our leaders are doing a fantastic job of setting the tone on and off the field. Our coaches still have their voices, which is a shock in some cases, and entering week two we are gearing up for an intense week of practice, meeting, practice, meeting and so on.

On the home front, we are trying to learn and remember as many new names as possible as well as savor the last bit of warm weather. Since we still have no water at our house, we continue to live on campus. This has proven to reveal how little we have to compromise in our three television life and how selfish we can all be. Still, we are thankful for the blessing of being able to be together even if not in our home and to have running water when our current house cannot provide it.

It seems this year our boys have retained enough memory from previous seasons to anticipate the daily routine well. This coupled with the fact they are now old enough to be with Ordell in meetings has minimized the trauma of dad not being around (mom’s of littles…it gets better!).

With the first game looming closer campus will begin to fill up, even more, this week. The faculty is returning to their offices, non-athlete student leaders have joined us at meal times, and emails include upcoming activities like baseball games rather than just internet issues.

This year without a house to keep up with I’ve found time to wander down to volleyball practice, watch evening football practice and take the kids to the park. We have no routine except to be at meals and the occasional doctor’s appointment and our tiny cottage has repeatedly proven to have just enough space to “force” my boys to have to touch each other causing fist fights and screaming matches. The park is that neutralizer that gives everyone a break.

There is ten more days official football camp before classes begin. The first day of school for our boys is eleven days away. I think we are all ready for the routine of school right now and at the same time wishing we’d have just a bit more time to enjoy summer. Perhaps we’ve fulfilled our #campcurse quota for a bit and will have smooth sailing for a few months…one can always hope! Until then, we will eat our meals with the team and eagerly check on the plumbing progress and head to the park.

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