With our first game of the season behind us, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite football blog posts this month!

10 Things Every Coach’s Wife Wish You’d Understand  “#1 It’s not just a game. It’s our livelihood. Our husbands spend an obscene amount of time working during the season. So be supportive and understand losses are hard on us too.”


Football Wife Left Behind had me feeling so relieved!  I’ve had these same feelings and thoughts but Alyssa summed it up beautifully with her vulnerable story!

To the not yet Coaches Wives “This got me to thinking of my days as a players girlfriend and a much younger wife. I find myself answering questions constantly from women who are starting to think about what life will be like as a coaches wife. Here is some advice, either what I have learned on my own or from advice other amazing, strong, independent and much more seasoned wives have given me! Please take it with love, because I honestly wish someone gave me a what to expect book or blog all those years ago!”

I See You  The coaching life is hard, and wives often are behind the scenes without thanks. Catherine Shea Politte reminds us that God always sees us.

Football Wife Life: The Season Begins is a great post about a little-known position..but an extremely important one.  The video coordinator!

When Talking To A Coach’s Wife Watch Your Words “As a coaching family we sign up for all that comes with the job- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every season brings its own challenges and as wives, we do our best to smile and face them head-on. There are moments when I am more adult and I keep my thoughts to myself and then there are moments when I want to turn to the ignorant fan next to me and punch them in the face. I can promise you that no one in that stadium wants a win more than the coaches and players. They have worked hours on end to prepare for the game.”

What I learned From A Rookie Coaches Wife “Not long as our friendship began, Emily proclaimed me to be her “coaches wife mentor.” This still makes me laugh to this day. I’ve had 3 mentors in my life, but I’ve never thought of myself as one. I’ve always been so grateful for the advice, wisdom and life lessons my mentors provide, never realizing that the benefits flow both ways.”

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