Jen Wise’s post Why Post Wounds Control the Present is giving me the strength to fight again. “Isn’t it interesting that past hurts can still feel so strong, so deep, and so NOW, when we never really allowed them to heal? While I hadn’t cried then at fifteen, it was now, as an adult, with the band aid ripped off, that I cried. And by cried I mean WEPT. And not just once. For the next few weeks, the memory kept popping up. I’d be in the shower, or making lunch, or driving alone, and just burst into tears.”

I’m Not the Lone Wolf is a great article on Urban Meyer and his wife. I deeply appreciate when coaches allow a sneak peek into their lives. “Shelley says now, “It was just a big mountain of pressure, stress, lack of control and not accepting what he couldn’t control. He was not accepting that he couldn’t control everything. He’s a perfectionist. He wants to win every game. He wants to win every championship. And that’s just not even clear thinking. You can’t. You just can’t.”

Brene Brown’s video 6 people not to confide in was eye opening for me!

Active Leadership “This is not an endeavor for the faint of heart or those with a suspect self-image. Leadership requires a strong will that refuses to be molded by the moment but to is guided by the truth. It means we must be moving but doing so in a wise manner.”

This is hilarious and so true!  The Difference Between Type A and B people  “The difference between “Type A” and “Type B” people is basically night and day. Type A people typically have difficulty relaxing, while Type B people are laid back. Type A people generally can’t stand being slowed down, while Type B people prefer a more relaxed pace.

But nothing has summed up the contrast between Type A and Type B personality types so accurately as this illustration from Owl Turd Comix.”

The Miracle is Worth the Mess  “The idea of garden fresh vegetables is all “summertime and picnics” until you realize there’s dirt under your nails and sweat and bugs involved with no guarantees of a good crop. Why are we so surprised we have to survive the poo to get to the good stuff? Every mama knows cuddling a little baby requires changing the poopie diaper. And the blowouts in the unplanned public places. And the spit up down your shirt after a long awaited shower.”

InterVarsity has done a lot of Bible study in its 75 years. Bible study is where we start as students in dorm rooms and at retreats. We keep doing it when we head out on our mission programs and when we go to Urbana. We maintain the practice of time in God’s word after we graduate—the Bible guides us as we lead in various fields and vocations and as we lead in our churches. We’re always looking to meet God by entering the Bible, to deepen our understanding of Scripture, and to help others do the same.

So, since the Bible is in our DNA, we are starting something new to do more of the same, but in a new way. We are building a new site called will help people on campus answer their questions about the Bible. Whether someone is a newbie, a critic, a Christian, or just someone who is curious, they’ll find things to think about on

The next Link Up is scheduled for October 24th!  Hope you will join us.

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