Author, of Jesus Calling Sarah Young, has compiled a daily devotional to add to her series entitled Jesus Always Embracing Joy in His Presence. The structure, format, and style mirror Jesus Calling. This devotional also includes 365 entries.

Each entrance is a short reading of a few paragraphs. The entry is written as if Jesus is speaking to the reader. There are reference verses at the bottom of the page revealing where in scripture the inspiration for the entrance was found. The original Jesus Calling devotional has the overarching theme of encouraging the reader to sit in the presence of God each day and consider the personal nature of scripture. The theme for this book is Joy. Sarah Young says “Jesus Always is designed to increase your Joy and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.”

My personal experience with reading Jesus Calling as part of my daily devotional is that some days I was encouraged, other days caused me to think differently on a subject and explore it further. This book has done the same in a short time.

“Let me lead you beside quiet waters and restore your soul. Just as lovers don’t need to say much to communicate deeply, so it is in your relationship with Me-the Love of your soul.”

“I am able to see all your flaws and failures, yet simultaneously love you with glorious, unfailing Love.”

These words of encouragement are just two of many statements that fill the pages of Jesus Always.  I found the introduction to this book just as impacting as the devotionals I read. This book was created in times of deep distress for Sarah Young. Moving seven times in a short amount of time, increased hearing impairment, vertigo, and other stresses have all been a factor in Sarah Young’s desire to remind us that “we can choose to live this way (embracing joy) even during our most challenging times.”  I hope you find Jesus Always just as encouraging as I have!

In exchange for an honest review, I was given a free copy of the book Always Jesus by booklookbloggers.

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