“Your set of visions is unique to you. No one else will share your particular passions for what could be. Others may applaud them. They may buy into the aspects of your vision that interface with their life. And they may work with you in the areas where you share a common vision. But your vision-set is unique to you. This uniqueness gives your life purpose. You have a reason for getting up and showing up.”

Effective leadership begins with a vision. A personal view of the call God has placed on your life. Author and pastor Andy Stanley has revised and updated his book Visioneering. Included in each chapter are discussion and reflection questions.

This leadership book looks at the life of Nehemiah. Stanley pulls out 20 principles or building blocks to reflect on and implement in your personal pursuit of discovering the vision God has for you and how to develop it. “Vision serves as intrinsic motivation. We move in a direction because we want to, not because we are told to. Instead of pushing and cajoling us into action, a vision draws and even enchants us.”

Shifting between the story of Nehemiah and stories of people Stanley has encountered, the totality of the value of vision in one’s life is revealed. Along with the value of casting vision in others, practical advice is given like don’t discuss your vision until you have a strong understanding of what God is laying on your heart.

I found this book to be very helpful is discerning how my dreams and talents might come together to glorify God. Stanley is transparent, revealing mistakes from his past, but maintains a disposition of encouragement throughout.

If you are seeking books to add to your leadership library, this is one to include for sure.

In exchange for an honest review of this book, I was given a free copy via Blogging For Books.

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