If you have any type of food sensitivity, you can commiserate with me on how challenging it can be to find a recipe that you don’t need to adjust. Whether it’s subbing gluten-free flours for all-purpose, sunflower butter for peanut butter or almond milk for cows milk it can be challenging to get ratios correct for consistently successful recipes. This can be particularly true for the holidays!  Who hasn’t spent hours in the kitchen only to come home with an untouched side dish contribution?

Enter Danielle Walker’s third cookbook in her Against All Grain series Celebrations. The sections are divided up a few ways. There are twelve chapters highlighting holidays and celebrations such as Game Day, Easter, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. There is a menu included in the introduction as well as tips for preparing things without losing your mind.

Walker has covered every detail including a conversion chart and even giving suggestions on where to purchase ingredients. The special diets chart at the back of the 300 plus page book is a quick reference for those needing to accommodate a special guest.

The variety is incredible with appetizers, drinks, main courses, side dishes and desserts included for every holiday. Pictures are gorgeous and are labeled! I love it when the picture includes not only the name of the recipe but the page it’s found on. Another detail that put’s this cookbook on the top of my list.

If you aren’t familiar with Danielle Walker, you can learn more at Against All Grain where she discusses her health, family, and cooking. Walker’s gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo recipes were created after she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease at age 22. Whether you are choosing to adopt a paleo lifestyle or have to do so for health reasons, Danielle Walker will help you forget all the foods you used to crave as you replace them with healthier versions.

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