The football season has wrapped up for the year, and coincidently my intense travel season for work completed the same week. This fall has been an exceptionally busy one with several weeks where Ordell and I tag teamed being home with our boys, one arriving from a trip the other headed out of town.

Of course, the hectic in-season weeks are now replaced with holidays and recruiting trips. As November comes to a close and recruiting ramps up I have been reminded that we are all creatures of habit and as much as we miss each other when we are apart, we all need our space as part of our daily routine.

I have a morning routine that stays consistent when I’m in town. Drop the kids at school, workout, devotions and breakfast, then on to the tasks of the day. I’ve had company while exercising since the season has ended and as much as I love the extra time with Ordell I’m terrible at moving on with my day when he’s around. Every post-season we go through a re-orienting time as a family. The challenge is that there won’t be much routine until January at the earliest.

The longing for the busyness of the football season to come to an end is replaced with the longing for a routine to be present. Of course, we are always most thankful for our times together as a family of 4! Thanksgiving break has become a time of resting and catching up on things ignored around the house. It seems there is very little that falls in the spectrum of standard for our family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’ll enjoy the post-season lull where my morning routine adjusts to include company, and I’ll stay up later to catch up on things whenever possible. Before we know it, another season will be here.

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