Christmas is just around the corner, and coaches all over the USA are re-engaging with their families and realizing they need to get shopping! Although these gifts would likely be appreciated regardless of who the gift giver was, I thought I’d compile a list of great gifts a coach can give his wife.

Check out this City Board by HardyBuilt I love this simple display of all the moves a family makes over a football career.il_570xn-919251271_sfb1

There are other adorable items to personalize a football house on this site as well. Created by the father of a coach’s wife these items are reasonably priced and made with care.









For new wives, you can’t go wrong 619fr1yyeel-_sl1500_with a stadium seat. Even if you are fortunate enough to sit in chairs in some stadiums, that doesn’t ensure that will always be the case.




I’ve never met apexels-photo-67721 wife who doesn’t appreciate a little pampering. Whether it is a manicure, pedicure, massage or combination, it’s always a great addition to consider giving your wife a little time off to be spoiled. If you have a Massage Envy nearby this is a great way to keep the pampering going year round!




Looking to go a little bigger? Take the initiative to plan a weekend away. aircraft-jet-landing-cloud-46148Groupon, Living Social, and Priceline all offer whole packages for vacations
including travel, hotel,
and excursions.





My last suggestion for your favorite coach’s wife is a cookbook. Now this is likely only going to be a good gift if your wife likes to cook. That being said, cooking for a crowd can be overwhelming. When I get overwhelmed, my creativity goes out the window. There are some great cookbooks out there. My two favorites to reference for football events are The Southern Tailgating Cookbook and The American Football Coaches Wives Association cookbook. Check out the link for two recipes from the book!


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  1. Excellent list, Beth! I love the way you minister to your peers! You identify specific needs and find ways to meet them. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFive!

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