“For months I’d mulled over the obvious culprits behind my struggle: spiritual attack so blatant at times I have laughed out loud at how obvious the devil can be, pressure to protect the purity of this “great work of God,” the chaos of all the hard work mixed with four kids growing up at turbo speed and me feeling like I was missing it.

I remember one night, in particular, lying in bed and saying, You know? If this is what it means to follow You, God, I don’t know if I am up for this.” Excerpt from Jennie Allen.com

Nothing To Prove is Jennie Allen’s third book, I was given a preview copy when our campus registered to host an IF: Local gathering, and I have to say that just with Jennie’s previous two books, this landed in my hands exactly when I needed it. I think the best way to describe Nothing To Prove for me is to say that Jennie’s words confirmed the experiences God carried me through this year as I focused on the word “growth.” Jennie’s encouragement is to stop living life for God, and instead live life with God, and I can’t agree more.

“I’m not saying we turn apathetic and lazy, but I am saying we get to stop trying to impress God. God wants to be with us. And that reality pressed deep into us producing anything but apathy.”

Jennie has written Nothing To Prove to every woman who has wondered if God’s truth is big enough to include her. Her reminder is YES. I’m so thankful for her bravery in being willing to speak these desperately needed words.

“It is when we get truly honest with God and ourselves that He can begin to heal and restore the holes in our hearts. When we see ourselves the way God sees us, we don’t have to strive. Being near to God doesn’t produce pressure or legalism; it produces worship.”

If you have struggled with your place in ministry or whether you are serving God in your daily life I believe this book will speak volumes to you as to how amazing of a job you are doing as well as give you freedom to step away from that which drains you.

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