Our Giving Matters But Our Buying Matters Too!

This past week the women of Flatirons shopped at our own Fair Trade Market. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s some info on why we did this. Join us in our movement to be conscious about our spending and help others around the world rise out of poverty.

The Real-Life Science Mystery That Could Make You Believe In God:

There’s a mystery in science that has confounded some of the world’s brightest minds for years. It seems to undermine everything we think we know about how the universe works, and calls into question the very nature of reality itself. And, if science is your basis for not believing in God, understanding the implications of this single experiment might cause you to reconsider just how “knowable” the rules of the universe really are.

WAGS Truth

From the outside looking in, the NFL life is a dream. The stereotype includes but is not limited to: huge pay checks, designer purses and fancy cars. But after living in this world, being on the other side looks a lot different. Especially for us wives and girlfriends who pretty much hold it all together. Throughout the years, I’ve met some of the strongest women and greatest friends. Here are some straight up WAGS (wives & girlfriends in sports) truth:

Harry Potter, Cosmo Kramer, and The Hand of God by Jen Wise

The accuracy of the test depended on complete honesty – and I took it seriously. I knew some of the answers immediately, but others required a certain amount of self-reflection. I’d pause, and consider, “Who am I at the core? Which of these options is my real self?” I was, after all, wanting to be placed in the correct house at Hogwarts.

5 Ways to Move Forward in America’s Hyper-Partisan Culture

Navigating post-election season isn’t easy, no matter which side you voted for. But there are some productive ways to cope with the change coming to the White House in January and remain civil with those who are opposite from you in their political views.

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