This weekend thousands of coaches along with hundreds of their wives will attend the American Football Coaches Association convention in Nashville TN. I’m looking forward to seeing my fellow coaches wives, giving them hugs in person not just emoji hugs via Facebook or text. I’m excited to celebrate their seasons, listen to their heartaches, and participate in programs created just for our lifestyle.

This is the one weekend where no explanations are needed. The convention is where any questions asked, have wise and tested answers. The advice is thoughtful, kind and simply advice without an agenda. This is the weekend where I always come home with perspective, encouragement, and a thankful heart.

I didn’t have the option to join a sorority in college, but I often feel like I’m a part of one in this group of women. They are always the first to reach out in times of stress and in times of joy. They have helped me raise our boys a little better and given me great marriage advice along the way.

I’m so thankful for the hard work of the American Football Coaches Wives Association board members. Their time and care for coaches wives around the country is unique. I’ve been a part of many organizations, and their tireless care is unmatched in my experience. If you are a coach’s wife, maybe I’ll see you this weekend! I’d love for you to introduce yourself. Let’s celebrate this crazy life we live for a few days.

2 thoughts on “Where Everybody Understands

  1. Have fun! I’m jealous. The baseball convention is only two hours away from home for us this year, so we planned to go as a family. I was so looking forward to the camaraderie. Unfortunately, baby girl and I both got sick this week, so we had to stay home.

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