“I’ve come around to the need for multiple church denominations for this reason: The fact that Catholics, Baptists, charismatics, and Methodists don’t have to share the same space every Sunday may well keep them from strangling one another.” If you are a fan of Science Mike, and understand where his background you will find this book to be an authentic and vulnerable presentation of his personal journey. I believe that if you are wrestling with the view of God, you have been presented you will find this book to offer a perspective rarely presented. If you have found, as a Christian, your attempts to witness to unbelievers have fallen flat this book will help you understand the thought processes of someone who does not view God through the lenses of their creator, or even as someone who exists.

Finding God In The Waves: How I Lost My Faith And Found It Again Through Science by Mike McHargue is the journey of a scientist who grew up Southern Baptist and wrestled to align science with scripture. As Science Mike (as he is more familiarly known by) sought to reconcile what scientists can prove though experiments with what scripture said he felt it was impossible to believe both to be true sending him on a journey towards atheism, a life he lived for two years.

Ultimately Mike reconciled his beliefs and has found a church home outside the Southern Baptist denomination. What I found most interesting was that Science Mike is open about his continual struggle to keep his doubts from dominating his thoughts. The thing I found least surprising was his account of interactions with people who he encountered in his two years of being an atheist and those he interacts with now that he has reconciled his faith and again aligns himself as a Christian.

Ultimately, I found Mike McHargue’s explanations of how he views scripture and God to be very different from my personal views. I think the simplest way to say it is that I felt that his reconciling of scripture limits God as an Almighty being superior to human constraints. In the final chapter, this is touched on briefly as he explains the Trinity, but many statements within the book leading to this seemed to minimize God’s ability to work outside of human logic or boundaries.

I found his scientific thought process to be fascinating. I have found the podcasts I’ve listened to where Science Mike discusses science to be clearly laid out and thoroughly explained. This book is consistent with that effort. Scientists findings are referenced in the back of the book, but are highlighted and concisely presented through the entirety of this book.

Ultimately, we all find God through a personal experience. That is the beauty of a personal God who creates us all uniquely. It is not our job to dissect each other’s beliefs nor determine the validity of each other’s Christianity. Mike McHargue does an excellent job or walking the line between science and faith in my opinion. I will approach any conversations with those who doubt the existence of God differently moving forward.

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