How To Be Spiritually Productive When Waiting On God

“Some of God’s deepest and most productive work in life takes place during dormant seasons. If you are feeling low in spirit and a lack of clarity for your future, I am encouraging you to rest in this dormant place. The field may appear to be barren, and the garden may be without fruit or flower, but the future is being prepared beneath the surface. If your prayers seem to have fallen on deaf ears and your hard work appears to be for naught, trust God.”

This video from Scott Hamilton provides amazing perspective as he discusses his brain tumor’s return.

What is Character? Its 3 True Qualities and How to Develop it.

There’s nothing wrong with the cultivation of personality, and we’ve offered plenty of advice on it here on the site. It can help you navigate the world, form relationships, and become successful. But personality is absolutely no substitute for character, which should be the foundation of every man’s life.

Why Action Is The Key To Everything 

This Cranberry Layer Cake looks amazing!!

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