I’m guest posting today on my friend Dana Herndon’s blog An Ordinary View.

Here’s a preview:

Our current life situation has our family living in the unknown. My husband is job hunting, and his interviews have extended from Kansas to North Carolina with a few states sprinkled between. It is the first time in our marriage we know we will be moving soon, without having a location figured out. It’s been stressful at times, and exciting at others.

There are seasons in your life when a situation will reveal who your true friends are. Transitions are one of them. When my husband’s job transition was announced online, in the local paper and on the local news, there were several things that happened. The first was that a group of people reached out to us to ask how they could help us. The second was that we were ignored in public settings the week prior had been filled with conversation. The third was that our days unintentionally became filled by kindnesses which held us up contrary to logic.

Read the rest HERE



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