This Strawberry Pretzel dessert looks tasty and easy! I had to best Strawberries recently from Sam’s Club.

How To Be Spiritually Productive While Waiting On God was speaking directly to me.  “Some of God’s deepest and most productive work in life takes place during dormant seasons. If you are feeling low in spirit and a lack of clarity for your future, I am encouraging you to rest in this dormant place. The field may appear to be barren, and the garden may be without fruit or flower, but the future is being prepared beneath the surface. If your prayers seem to have fallen on deaf ears and your hard work appears to be for naught, trust God.”

Strong character (and lack of) has been on my mind a lot lately. 5 Signs Your Character is Erroding  Has great points everyone should consider.

“There’s a certain point in the journey where you realize there’s a problem but refuse to deal with it. How do you know you’ve hit that point? When you start justifying your bad behavior and decisions.”

Chronological Bible Study teacher Iva May’s blog touched on The Way of the Wilderness this week. “The Lord delivers Israel from the cruel grasp of their Egyptian bondage and promises to deliver them to the land promised to their fathers. But the route that He chooses for Israel to take will require additional time and cover more territory. This scene offers a number of truths about God and His ways:”

How to Plan Your Own Spiritual Retreat ” In our day and age, we talk a lot about taking breaks, getting away, and serving ourselves. But the spiritual retreat I’m referring to here is NOT the “serve yourself, you deserve it” kind of thing we hear about all the time. Neither am I talking about a girl’s night out, a trip to the spa or attending a women’s conference. Not even talking about a daily quiet time. I’m talking about a time of retreating from the busyness, people, and noise of everyday life in order to connect with the Lord for an *extended* period of uninterrupted time.”

Y’all this last one has me thinking about being Still in a new way next month.

The next Link Up is scheduled for March 28th!  Hope you will join me.

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