This year for lent I decided to join Karen Ehman’s 40-day challenge to Zip It. The goal of this challenge isn’t to shame, nor to silence people. The focus is to consider all the words that are spoken and thought in a day and to consider which words align with scripture, and which don’t.

Each topic includes five daily interactive entries, so the 40-day challenge may be used over an 8-week period, Monday through Friday. Each day includes:

  • a scripture focus for the day
  • an anchor story with a teaching point
  • reflection questions to ponder
  • a challenge for the day based on the verse
  • a prayer prompt

The Zip-It devotional book which goes along with this challenge is comprised of 40 short devotionals each with a specific focus. Ehman spends time sharing the lessons she has personally learned about the power of words. Her vulnerability to reveal past wounds is well presented. Coupled with scripture to read and questions to reflect on each day of this devotional has been one which caused me to think deeper about my words.

Zip-It was created by Ehman after her book Keep It Shut received feedback from readers admitting they too struggle with words. For a more extensive conversation on the impact of words join the 40-day challenge! There’s still time.

In exchange for an honest review I was given a free e-book copy of Zip It via BookLookBloggers. The content created refects my personal views.

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