Alone Time With Levi

A few weeks after our move (more on that later) Levi and I packed up the car for a three-day adventure. As part of our “let’s move in the middle of the school year” decision Ordell and I decided that we would take Levi back to participate in his class field trip. It was a big deal for him and not a huge sacrifice for me.

Of course, as you coach’s’ wives know a spring field trip isn’t something a coach is going to be able to easily take time off for. The fact that this was a 3 day trip in the middle of the week meant that I’d be the one heading to Pigeon Forge with Levi. And that was fine with me!

I can’t remember the last time Levi and I spent 3 days together alone. I really think the last time was the “bonus” time we spent in the hospital waiting to see if my liver would rupture after he was born. Eight hours in the car with a very busy day sandwiched in-between isn’t likely a vacation either of us would choose, but we were excited to head back down south to a place neither of us had visited.

I cashed in hotel points, and away we went. Along the way I learned a few things about my baby and confirmed a few I’d already known:

Levi likes coffee. Not only did he want the same drink I ordered myself from Starbucks but got coffee in the morning at our hotel as well. (Decaf and doctored up)

Levi is loved by his class. I knew this, but it was fun to see him welcomed back after a few weeks. The teachers and parents mentioned as well how good it was to see us.


This kid is courageous. He didn’t even blink about rock climbing or scaling high balance beams at WonderWorks.

He loves him some southern food. Chick-Fil-A, Chicken and Dumplings at Cracker Barrel, and a sweet tea were all requests at some point on our travels.

Levi is happiest when he’s with his friends or people he loves. His transition has been going the roughest here this time around and it was a relief to see him in his element again.

He’s a great traveler, as long as the temperature is ok and the sun isn’t on him. This I knew, he’s been this way since birth.

Levi is not a baby anymore. Nothing like watching your kid wander through a museum confidently to help you realize he’s growing up!


Overall, I found our trip to fun and exhausting, just what I’d anticipated. We both decided we’d rather head to the beach than repeat this location, but other than that I’m thankful we had a built in reason to get away after our move. We’ve both come back a little more settled and engaged.


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