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So thankful for Beth Moore’s willingness to put herself out there, explain when needed, and continue to encourage! About that personal branding conversation feels like a must read for writers.

Saw this and drove straight to Aldi for supplies. Eating healthy is never easy, but recipes like this make giving up ice cream a whole lot easier. 🙂 Pineapple Whip

My brilliant writer friend Terri has a series on the desert that is speaking volumes to me. 3 Secrets to Survive Your Desert was encouraging and a great reminder for me.

Proofreading has become a key part of my role as Content Manager. This free Intro Course is on my May to do list. 

Why Our Son Doesn’t Have A Smart Phone  “No, the real reason why our son doesn’t have a phone is because we think his middle-school years will be better spent without one. The answer I’ve given, over and over again, is this: I want you to be free from middle school drama when you’re at home.”  YES THANK YOU!!

Have you jumped on the LipSense bandwagon yet? I sure have and I’m LOVING mine! Kody has a great Facebook group where she shares tips as well as her colors. I’ve turned off notifications for now 😉 but I’d send anyone with questions there in a heartbeat!

What caught your eye last month? Post your link below in the comments and I’ll come back and add it to this post.



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